Design • Build • Remodel Exotic Pools & Waterfeatures
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Our Amazing Pools & Ponds

Picture yourself, if you will, standing in an airy courtyard, listening to the soothing sounds of a running brook and splashing waterfall. Sunlight illuminates the gentle curves of a free form swimming pool, brimming with clear water. A songbird lifts your glance from the crystalline water up to the complex layer of leaves. You admire the intricate mix of nature’s complexity, her perfect cycles of growth and decay. You can feel life sprouting and uncoiling all around you in this balanced environment. From your poolside lounge, you savor the tranquility of a fragrant waterborne breeze, which now takes the place of the burning scent of chlorine.

Art with Stone & Water

AquaShapes International uses Environmental Water Systems. We are experienced in the use of biological filtration known as “Bio-Filters.” They keep the water clean and remove the need for harsh chemicals to balance your fresh or salt water. These Environmental Water Systems require a minimum of maintenance. This means that you can spend more time enjoying your pool and less time maintaining it. We can even convert your existing pool over to one of our Environmental Water Systems.

Staycation... Fun Filled Destination!

With our hand-carved cement sculpture and effects, we can create anything… boulders, caves, trees, even a hollow log slide! These one-of-a-kind pieces can stand alone or be incorporated into an entire backyard environment to create the ultimate staycation destination! The possibilities of what can be created right in your own backyard are only limited by imagination.

Waterfalls are Our Specialty

Our highly trained and experienced staff create a variety of beautiful water features including natural swimming pools, ponds, waterfalls, caves, rock pools, slides and grottos with natural or man-made stone. We also remodel existing pools and koi ponds, creating complete environments to satisfy and delight. It all begins with our award winning custom designs.

Commercial Entry Features

AquaShapes International offers "Environmental Coordination" for commercial properties. We provide this service as a consultant to facilitate the harmonious blending of all of the varied and unique aspects of each individual project and to ensure each project's continuity. This includes working with you in the initial stages and coordinating construction throughout completion. We know that this service is highly valuable to you and all of your water oriented projects.

Cutting Edge Contemporary & Classic

Euro edge, knife edge, vanishing edge… our design and execution is cutting edge! Whether you want the timeless elegance of a euro edge pool or a custom design that is personalized just for you and your backyard, we've got you covered - from concept through completion.

Serenity & Pleasure are Side Effects of Our Custom Designed Pools

The sense of peace, well-being, and harmony that comes with having a custom designed pool environment is there waiting for you. It has been our experience that a project designed and constructed by AquaShapes International is not only a pleasing and calming antidote to the intense pressures of modern society, but is also a lasting property investment, that only improves with age. Our attention to detail, extra planning, use of high quality pool equipment and continued service leave a lasting impression by delighting our clients as well as increasing their property value.

Simplicity & Function in Award Winning Designs

Whatever your imagination desires, our creativity is only limited by the budgetary parameters of the project. All of our work is custom designed to your individual taste, as simple or extravagant as they may be. We can do simple with an update to your existing pool or spa. We can do extravagant and create an entire tropical backyard paradise complete with caves, waterfalls, koi ponds and water slides. We can do anything in-between. We are here for you.

Surround Yourself in Tropical Elegance

Imagine scuba diving a coral reef in your very own backyard, where the fish thrive and multiply. Our filtration system does more than eliminate the need for chlorine and chemicals - it virtually eliminates ordinary maintenance of your backyard environment. After the natural pool establishes a balance, there is very little maintenance required. AquaShapes International is a pioneer in providing alternative options to lifeless, chlorinated pools and water features. In addition to your savings in chemicals and maintenance, our soothing ecosystems greatly enhance your property value. Most importantly, you will have a tropical paradise to enjoy every day, right in your own backyard.

Grotto Spas & "Spools"

Spatially challenged? Not us! We have always said that it is far easier to create an intimate environment in a smaller space. We make combo spa/pools that we call "spools," complete with grottos and rock surrounds, that will fit into small spaces and delight your senses.

Beachfront Zen Elegance

Sometimes less is more. Simple elegance comes in many forms. By using modern techniques on a classic style, like a euro edge pool, we can bring the water virtually level with the deck and even create a dramatic illusion of the water level being higher than the deck.

Award Winning Rock Pools

This beautiful lagoon pool and spa combo with a zen rock bridge and boulder surround won the award for "Best Pool in the Country." The PA fieldstone for this project was hand selected (as all of our rocks and boulders are, for every project) from one of the largest rock quarries in the nation, located in Pennsylvania.

Come Home to Your Vacation

Where are we? I thought we were home... in the backyard... Oh yeah, that’s right! We have the AquaShapes International magic! Imagine rock pools, waterfalls, small coves and caves, complete with specialized landscaping. No two of our custom water features are ever alike. What we design and build or remodel for you will grow into your own unique, living ecosystem.

A Natural Beauty

We can transform your property into a lush garden pond that will fill you with a sense of affluence, happiness and success. We can incorporate a pool, rock spa, sauna, waterfalls, water slides, fruit trees, vegetable and flower gardens, barbecue grills, a sunning beach, an aviary stocked with birds, and any other feature you can dream up. Our professional design team appreciates your growing awareness of the beauty and simplicity of nature and works with you to preserve your natural environment and permanently enhance your quality of life. Cascading water and native plants can create a truly healing environment right in the privacy of your own backyard.

Have a Beachfront Home Anywhere

You can be at the beach without ever leaving home. This is an example of a shortened beach entry. We used a step to reduce the distance necessary to achieve the desired look. This allows us to fit a beach entry into any yard, even yours. The look is completed by adding rock, a free-form patio and tropical landscaping to the perimeter of the pool.

Your Very Own Tropical Paradise

This exotic, resort style pool features a 9' by 16' spa, complete with fiber-optic lighting and a misting system, all inside of the cave. In addition, there is a stream stocked full of brightly colored tropical fish that surrounds the tiki bar in the backyard. This is the perfect place to unwind by yourself after a long day or to host a gathering of friends and family.