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AquaShapes International Services

Peter Sutton AquaShapes International solves the challenging problems previously associated with building water-centered environments, which allows us to offer the following services:


We are available for consultation and give special attention to the important planning stages as well as all of the unique qualities of your site. Call (561) 427-7888 to schedule a personal on-site design consultation today!

Water Features

Our highly trained and experienced crew, who have been working together for over 18 years, create a variety of beautiful water features including natural swimming pools, ponds, waterfalls, caves, rock pools, slides and tunnels constructed using natural or man-made stone. We remodel and install pools using the latest cement product techniques, waterproofing and liners.


Our ability to create integrative environments comes from nearly 40 years of experience in designing and building water features halfway around the world, creating immersive tropical landscapes complete with lagoon pools, rock grottos, tropical reefs and edible gardens. Our crew has been working together since 2000 and we have built water features of all shapes and sizes, from two-foot deep fish ponds, to half-acre aquaculture ponds. We have built spas that look like natural hot springs, natural-shaped swimming pools, and a nearly 400-foot long river with waterfalls, rapids, and beautiful, tropical koi fish which runs through the lobby of a 29-story Miami condominium.

Waterfalls are our specialty. By using beautiful natural stone boulders sourced locally or imported from other parts of the country, or hand-carved, cementitious, man-made rock, we can create any “look” that you desire. We have constructed waterfalls from three feet high to twenty feet high and up to one hundred and fifty feet wide at the base. We work with boulders weighing up to twelve tons. In addition to our rock waterfalls, we create a variety of other features including caves, slides, tunnels, coral reefs, bridges and fountains. We also remodel existing pools. We will turn your old pool into a natural beauty.

 Tropical Rock Waterfall Landscape Pools

Art from Stone & Water

AquaShapes International is among the most experienced waterfeature builders in the South Florida area with a reputation for the highest quality and integrity.

It is entirely possible for us to convert a regular swimming pool into a custom designed natural swimming pool by adding reefs, installing “Bio-filtration” and also redesigning the inside shape of the pool, if necessary, to establish proper current. Outside of the pool, we give special attention to the water’s edge by building waterfalls to aid in aeration, while adding walkways through the manicured jungle, a patio to lounge, possibly a fire...

Intigrative & Immersive Total Pool Environments

All of our work is custom designed to fit your individual needs. An intigrative and immersive total pool environment within a natural setting is the ultimate expression of our creativity. We can handle anything from the simple construction of a natural swimming pool or a conversion of your existing pool, to the design and creation of an exotic setting - including rock grottos and waterfalls, slides, beach entries, coral reefs full of tropical fish, extensive deck work complete with meandering walkways and lush, tropical landscaping, even an aviary. If clean lines are more your style, we will inspire you with the simplicity of a classic, contemporary, or zen design. It's up to you!

 Tropical Landscape Pools Rock Waterfalls

Environmental Water Systems

AquaShapes International is experienced in the use of this biological filtration system, known as a “Bio-Filter,” which keeps water clean while replacing the use of harsh chemicals for your pools and water features, and requires a minimum of maintenance.

There are also new technologies available to help you depart from standard chlorine treatment. These systems drastically reduce overall chemical use and can be easily installed into your existing swimming pool or your new dream pool.

Environmental Coordination: Landscaping & Maintenance

Our AquaShapers create beautiful and lively environments that assure the integrity and continuity of each individual project. Our custom designed systems distinguish AquaShapes International as the premier company in the industry of creating chemical-free or "Lo-Chem" water-centered features. We put nature to work for you in an environmentally balanced pool that is set within a system of decking, bridges, lush foliage and rushing waterfalls to strike a universal chord, through water, the source of all life.

Rock Waterfalls Tropical Landscape Pools

Landscape Design Services

The importance of integrating the surrounding landscape is as necessary to the design as the water feature itself. Our landscape designer will create a unique design that enriches your living environment, all the way from the water’s edge to your property line. Although we specialize in tropical settings, we can recreate any setting that you desire. We offer complete professional landscape design services, including plans and animated 3D video presentations, environmental coordination and maintenance for that special tropic garden feeling that complements and completes your water feature.

From Concept through Completion

Peter Sutton AquaShapes International creates freeform rock pools and spas, as well as a variety of water features constructed from natural or manmade stone. We incorporate waterfalls, slides, grottos and caves surrounded by lush tropical landscaping, complete with walkways and bridges, and of course decking for sunning and outdoor dining. Aquatic plants, tropical fish and a unique biological filtration system keep the water so pure in our eco-pools that harsh chemical treatments are eliminated. The sense of peace, well-being and harmony that comes with ownership of a custom designed, water-centered environment is waiting for you!

Koi Pond Tropical Landscape Pools

Whatever Your Heart Desires

Our imagination in the conception and execution of an Environmental Design is only limited by the budgetary parameter. Imagine scuba diving right in your own backyard coral reef where the colorful, tropical fish thrive and multiply. Imaging playing in rock pools, coves, caves and grottos all set within beautiful, lush, tropical landscaping. No two of our customized water features are ever alike. What we design, build or remodel for you will grow into your own unique, living ecosystem.

We also offer alternatives to your typical chemical-laced swimming pools by combining the elements of nature and technology to establish a functional life cycle built around water.

If you would prefer, we have the technology to offer "Lo-Chem" pools using ozone or ion technology, as well as your standard salt pools.

For Architects & Builders

Do you find that you are having difficulty in providing your clients with the water features they desire due to the specialty work necessary for aesthetics, hydraulics, engineering, planning, construction or maintaining the water quality? We can help you solve these problems!

Peter Sutton AquaShapes International will work with you to create the ultimate natural environment for your private residence or commercial water feature project. We have over 40 years of experience in hydraulics and water feature design and we will provide properly engineered drawings. We are one of the few companies today who are able to offer multiple working solutions for the creation of environmentally balanced water systems, and we have devoted ourselves to this craft for nearly 4 decades.

Water Environments: Design, Construction & Coordination

AquaShapes International will also work with you by building your pre-existing plans/designs and see to the proper execution of the construction project. With our extensive experience in water features, we are well equipped to catch potential problems in existing plans ahead of time and will offer you working solutions. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide you with the highest quality service throughout the duration of the project and seeing your vision become a reality.

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